An adventure in the Faroe Islands...

DISTANCE: approx. 10km ASCENT: approx. 845m

The Faroe Islands Mountain Trail follows an ancient trail marked by cairns. With black sand beaches, dramatic waterfalls, and views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mountain Trail 10km takes in the best of the Faroe Islands, with more time to enjoy the finish line atmosphere.

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What prior experience is required?

It is imperative that you have some mountain experience and are correctly equipped to spend several hours out on the course. Whilst the Átjan Mountain Trail 10KM follows a cairn trail, it is still technical and requires experience on this type of terrain.

What are the mountain races?

There are four mountain races at Átjan Wild Islands. *The rough distances are:

Ultra-Trail Faroe islands ~63KM
Átjan Mountain Marathon ~40-44KM
Átjan Mountain Half Marathon ~19-22KM
Átjan Mountain Trail ~10KM

These are approximate distances are subject to change.

When do the races take place?

The mountain races take place on Saturday 5th September 2018.

What is the terrain like in the Faroe Islands?

Some areas of the route feature sections of light scrambling which involve loose scree and sections with very rough terrain,  often needing three points of contact in the case of loose rock. Therefore these events are NOT for the faint hearted.  Please be aware that some sections of the route traverse high and remote mountainous terrain and sometimes in very variable weather, so we ask that competitors feel at ease with these conditions in order to complete the course. The routes cross large expanses of uneven, boggy, and rough terrain that do not follow paths or trails which you may be used to running in the UK, Alps, or at other trail running events. 

What is the mandatory kit list?

The weather in the Faroe Islands can change dramatically so please take into account the prevailing conditions and dress accordingly. Participants should be sufficient in the event of injury, and in the event you should need to walk to the nearest check point or start/finish locations. The race crew will reserve the right to ask for additional warm clothing to be worn or carried if the weather conditions demand so. In the communication leading up to race day, and the safety briefings on the day, you will be notified of any additional requirements. Due to the nature of the terrain, participants will need to carry their own food and drink for long sections of the course. It is within the participants interest and safety to arrive prepared. If you have any questions please contact

Mandatory Kit List:

Must be worn:

Short or long sleeve base layer top (NO COTTON)

Shorts or tights

Mountain/ Trail running shoes – must have suitable tread

Must be worn or carried:

Waterproof jacket with taped seams

Waterproof trousers with taped seams*

Spare Long Sleeved Base Layer Top (NO COTTON)*

Hat or buff


Head Torch*

Survival Bag


GPS device (Smartphone will suffice) and/or Map & Compass.

First aid kit with a minimum of - wound bandage, 4 x adhesive plasters, 4 x safety pins and any personal medication you require.

A water reservoir with a minimum capacity of 1 litre

A reusable cup/mug (if you do not want coke/coffee/juice in your reservoirs). There will be no plastic cups at the check point*


Suitable race Vest, Race Pack/ Backpack

*These items are not needed on the Mountain Trail 10KM

Is there a bag drop?

There will be a baggage drop available for warm clothes at the finish line of the race. More details will be announced in the weeks leading up to the event.

There is no half way bag drop or bag drops along the route available. 


Are the routes marked?

All courses are route marked with event flags. You will not need to navigate and must follow the route marking flags at all times. GPX files will be available to download, but competitors are asked to use the flag markings in first instance. Please appreciate that there are always differences between gpx files depending on what software you are using and data may show up differently on different devices. For safety reasons, competitors should always follow the route markings as these are more accurate.

Are the races supported with check-points?

The longer routes will have a number of check points offering food and hydration, these will be manned by marshals. Given the remote section of the routes, runners must aim to be self-sufficient between check points. There are fresh mountain streams to fill up with water throughout the course. Runners must be self sufficient in nutrition, hydration, clothing and equipment.

Are there cut off times?

Each check-point has a cut off time based on the necessity to have all runners safely off the high mountain sections of the route, and finished by the course closure time. Cut off times will be available in the weeks leading up to the event

Can I retire from the race?

Once committed to the higher remote sections of the route it is often impossible to retreat. Any competitor retiring from the race must let the event team know by speaking to the nearest marshal, or phoning the event crew number which will be provided at registration. Any competitor wishing to retire from the race is likely to face a long walk back into the valley.

Can I change my race distance?

Distances can be changed up until the deadline of 5th June 2020. This is subject to the number of entries per distance. If a race distance is full, you will be added to a waiting list and notified if a place becomes available. Please email using the subject RACE DISTANCE CHANGE and include your full name, email, and the distance you’d like to change to. You will be added to the waiting list and notified if a place becomes available.

Can I watch the race?

You are welcome to watch the race from the start and finish locations. You are also welcome to explore the route, but please follow the hiking guidelines of the islands which can be found at

September 5 2020, Faroe Islands

From: $180 PER PERSON