Trail Races

Everything you need to know about the trail races at Átjan Wild Islands.

Technical running in the mountains

Four mountain races take in the best of the Faroe Islands' wild and natural beauty. This is mountain running at its finest. With a choice of four distances from 10km up to around 55km, you'll run through one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth. You'll scale steep ascents and be able to look back on dramatic cliffs and crashing North Atlantic Waves, you'll cross remote and rugged terrain, and you'll finish by the sea, welcomed with a warm Faroese traditional dish and a friendly applause from the islanders. 

Scroll down for everything you need to know about the races at Átjan Wild Islands. 


There are four mountain races at Átjan Wild Islands. The approximate distances are*

Ultra-Trail Faroe islands approx 53KM / 3000M

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Átjan Mountain Marathon approx 42KM / 2200M

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Átjan Mountain Half Marathon approx 23KM / 1100M

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Átjan Mountain Trail approx 10KM / 550M

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*These routes are here as a rough guide of what to expect. The routes above are based on the 2022 mountain races and are subject to amendments for the 2023 event. They remain approximate distances and elevation, and are subject to change.

It is imperative that you have some mountain running experience and are correctly equipped to race in the mountains. By signing up to running at Átjan Wild Islands, competitors confirm that they have had mountain running experience.

The routes are technical, with steep ascents and descents and at times will involve some light scrambling and exposed mountain ridges. There are very few 'trails' in the Faroe Islands, and a lot of the routes cross long expanses of rough terrain. They are not like other trails you may be used to in the UK, or the Alps.

If you are unsure of your experience or have any questions about your ability please email

The mountain races take place on the Saturday of the festival.

Due to the fragile nature of the Faroe Islands, and in order to respect the environment, as well as the farmers land, the festival will be capped across the four races. If you are looking for a race atmosphere of thousands of athletes – this event is not for you.


The routes cross large expanses of uneven, boggy, and rough terrain that do not follow worn paths or trails which you may be used to running in the UK, Alps, or at other trail running events. 

Some areas of the routes feature sections of light scrambling which involve loose scree and sections with very rough terrain, sometimes needing three points of contact in the case of loose rock. Therefore these events are NOT for the faint hearted.  Please be aware that some sections of the route traverse high and remote mountainous terrain and sometimes in very variable weather, so we ask that competitors feel at ease with these conditions in order to complete the course. 

Must be worn:

- Short or long sleeve top 
- Shorts or tights
- Mountain/ Trail running shoes – must have suitable tread. (Road running shoes or sports trainers are not allowed to be worn)

Must be worn or carried:

- Waterproof jacket with taped seams
- Waterproof trousers with taped seams*
- Spare Long Sleeved Base Layer Top*
- Hat or buff
- Gloves
- Head Torch*
- Survival Bag 
- Whistle
- Mobile Phone (fully charged)
- Map of the route (given to you at race registration)
- First aid kit with a minimum of - wound bandage, 4 x adhesive plasters, 4 x safety pins, antiseptic wipes/cream, and any personal medication you require.
- A water reservoir/flask (we'd suggest a total capacity of around 1 litre)
- A reusable cup/mug** (only necessary for the Mountain Marathon or Ultra-Trail Faroe Islands if you wish to drink hot drinks / coke at the aid stations) There will be no cups offered at the aid stations.
- Nutrition/Food for the duration of the race
- Suitable running race Vest, Race Pack/ Backpack

Please note this is the bare minimum kit list and participants are encouraged to pack additional warm clothing & spare nutrition. Mandatory kit will be checked by our crew at race registration. The kit list is in place for your safety and cannot be compromised. 

*These items are not required on the Mountain Trail 
**These items are not required on the Mountain Half Marathon or Mountain Trail

Participants should be sufficient in the event of injury, and in the event you should need to walk to the nearest check point or start/finish locations.

The race crew will reserve the right to ask for additional warm clothing to be worn or carried if the weather conditions demand so.

Although the check-points will offer food and hydration, due to the nature of the event, participants will need to carry their own food and drink for longer sections of the course. It is the participants responsibility to arrive prepared.

There will be a baggage drop available pre-race, so you can have warm/dry clothes at the finish line of each race. We ask participants to limit this to one rucksack / small bag per person. 

The bag can be dropped off at the shuttle service on the morning of the race. If you would like to use this service, please make sure you’ve booked the ‘Return Coach Transfer’ option at the checkout. If you haven’t yet done this, you can log in to your Easol account here to add the option.

All courses are route marked with event flags. You will not need to navigate and must follow the route marking flags at all times. GPX files will be available to download one week prior to race day. 

Competitors are asked to use the flag markings in the first instance. Please appreciate that there are always differences between gpx files depending on what software you are using and data may show up differently on different devices. For safety reasons, competitors should always follow the route markings as these are more accurate.

*These aid stations refer to the 2022 routes and are to be used as a guide of what to expect. The cut-off times and aid stations are subject to change*

The Ultra-Trail Faroe Islands will have 6 checkpoints / aid stations. 2 of these will offer snack/water & hot drinks. 4 of them will offer snacks/water only.

The Mountain Marathon will have 4 checkpoints/aid stations, offering snacks and water.

The Mountain Half Marathon will have 1 checkpoint/aid station offering snacks/water. 

There is no aid station  on the Átjan Trail 10km but there will be support on the route.

The finish line will provide water and a hot meal for all runners.

Given the remote section of the routes, runners must aim to be self-sufficient between aid stations. There are fresh mountain streams to fill up with water throughout the course.

Runners must aim to be self sufficient in nutrition, hydration, clothing and equipment.

The cut-off times are in place for the safety of runners and event crew. The cut-off times at the checkpoints are fairly lenient in time and allow for the slowest runner to travel across the difficult terrain. The cut-off times will be strictly enforced if runners look like they are unable to continue. 

The cut-off times for each checkpoint for each race are as follows*

Ultra-Trail Faroe Islands

START: 06:00 

CP1: 6.8km - no cut off

CP2: 12km - 08:45

CP3: 25km - 11:30

CP4: 33km - 13:15

CP5: 40km - 14:45

CP6 44km - no cut off

FINISH: 55km - Course closure: 18:30

Mountain Marathon

START: 08:00 

CP1: 7.8km - 10:00

CP2: 20.5km - 12:30

CP3: 29km - 14:30

CP4: 34.6km - no cut off

FINISH: 42km - Course closure: 17:30

Mountain Half Marathon

START: 11:00

CP1: 12.4km - no cut off

FINISH: 23km - Course closure: 16:00

Mountain Trail 10km

START: 13:00

FINISH: 10km - Course closure: 16:00

*These cut off times and aid stations refer to the 2022 routes and are to be used as a guide of what to expect. The cut-off times and aid stations are subject to change. 

You must change the name of the booking to transfer your ticket to someone else, because names on tickets must match I.Ds at the entrance to the venues.

To do this, the person you are selling the ticket to will need to get set up with an Easol account here

Once this is done, please email to inform them of the name and e-mail address of the person you would like to transfer your booking to. There is a £10 admin fee to change a name on a ticket.

Distances can be changed up until the deadline of 31st July. This is subject to the number of entries per distance. If a race distance is full, we can add you to a waiting list and we'll let you know if a place becomes available. Please email using the subject RACE DISTANCE CHANGE and include your full name, email, and the distance you’d like to change to :)

Race Registration will take place at a central venue in Tórshavn, the capital city (and where most of the festival programme takes place).

We are still working on the programme for 2023 but it is likely that Race Registration will take place on the Thursday and Friday before race day.

Race Registration includes festival wristband collection, race number collection, and kit check.

You will need to bring your e-ticket and your race vest/backpack with all mandatory kit to race registration. 


Approximately 10KM | 550M ELEVATION

Mountain Trail


Approximately 23KM | 1100M ELEVATION

Mountain Half Marathon


Approximately 42KM | 2200M ELEVATION

Mountain Marathon


Approximately 53KM | 3000M ELEVATION

Ultra-Trail Faroe Islands™